Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Intan Scandal

Now we have this really innocent looking Malaysian chick. Popularly known as the Intan Scandal meaning either her name is Intan or this scandal originates from Teluk Intan or somewhere with the word Intan as a name. Innocent and sweet she maybe, but what we saw in her Friendster's account is a totally different animal, especially by night fall. By the way, with Facebook, why would anyone still hang around in Friendster?

Here are a few pictures of supposedly a Malaysian chick sporting a tudung by day and then getting a little naughty at night. This head scarfed gal is name Intan supposedly and her pictures at her boldest were leaked from her Friendster profile mid last year. Please do drop a line in comments if you known more about the story behind this leak or if you have additional info about this chick from Malaysia according to a source.

This leaked photo scandal from the popular social networking site of a hot and ready for some sex Malay hottie is now widely known as "Intan Private Friendster" or "Intan Scandal."

Aside from that weird mark on her right breast and legs in need of a shave, this chick is rather nice. Intan has a pretty face and overall a lovely tight little body but even more importantly she is not one bit shy. She doesn't practice safe sex and it is always nice to find a young woman willing to take a cock raw causally. And I don't know about you guys but I for one find a chick in a tudung (a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia concealing the hair but not the face) hot especially when she have leaked pictures/videos going viral. Anyway, Gutter was on Facebook the other day and some fan of the blog requested more Malay babes so Melayu Boleh!



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